Leading 10 Viral Marketing Mistakes

1. Failing to comprehend ways to make a marketing piece “viral”

Often individuals develop what they call a viral marketing piece when it is nothing more than a brochure and an advertisement. It is way too self serving. It has no possibility of developing buzz. While there is no ensured formula for producing a viral marketing piece, there are lots of things you can do to increase its efficiency and its viral nature.

2. Cannot make it fascinating adequate to pass along

Whether there are external incentives to motivate the viral spread, if you cannot make the short article or e-book intriguing enough with high quality material that is useful or amusing, you couldn’t pay them enough to pass it along. If on the other hand it is extremely beneficial, high quality or entertaining, it will get passed along with or with no other incentives.

3. Cannot provide incentives to motivate individuals to pass your message along

While there are many successes where the sender was not rewarded for handing down viral information, it works better if you can provide a reward. Supply an incentive that you don’t have to pay up front. Instead supply a success incentive. If the wanted outcome is satisfied then you provide loan, commissions, discount rates, extended memberships, extra MP3 recordings, more articles, more eBooks, and so on. Whatever incentive you choose to utilize, make certain it is simple to register for and simple to gather.

4. Cannot offer an incentive for individuals to react to your call to action

The way to sell with a viral marketing piece is to do so at the very end, in the conclusion, in the summary or in the resource box. It doesn’t have to be a hard pitch, just an offer for an ethical kickback that will move them to visit your site, call your 800 number or send out an e-mail to obtain whatever you are providing.

Experience has shown that the reward ought to be connected to your services or product. If you are a law firm, don’t offer a possibility to win a Corvette or an iPod. Too many unqualified people will sign up and squander your time subsequenting with them. Rather if you are a law office specializing in Intellectual Property, offer a free e-book on “How you can increase the worth of your company with patents and trademarks.”

5. Cannot effectively promote their viral campaigns

Because we’ve heard of some success stories where no promotion was required, it is simple to fall into the trap that yours too will be one of those. 6.

There is a terrific piece of wisdom you should apply to viral marketing– “you have not due to the fact that you ask not.” Does your viral marketing ask the reader to pass this along to others? This can be carried out in the resource box with something very simple like, “If you found this helpful, please pass it onto others that may be helped by it too.”


While it would be good to repeat viral marketing successes like Blair Witch, Hotmail, Purple Cow or ICQ those are rare events. Let’s say you shoot for exponential viral outcomes and just get a moderate success, it is still a success.

I enjoy Michael Jordan’s quote when he attempted to go into baseball after his wildly effective basketball profession. 8.

One thing I’ve discovered in my organisation profession is that we tend to adopt the John Wayne syndrome, go huge or go home. We offer it ONE shot and if it fails we go home. I don’t know of effective company people or successful marketing projects that take that approach.

To be effective you need to experiment with different titles for the article or e-book; test various ethical allurements; attempt different advertising approaches; method various list owners. 10.

I fell in love with word-of-mouth marketing early in my consulting profession. After 10 years of consulting I analyzed every task I ‘d worked on, every customer I ‘d worked for and made a note of the source. To my shock, 95% of all them originated from word-of-mouth. The good news was it was inexpensive (complimentary). The problem it was unpredictable and couldn’t be managed on-demand like I needed.

Viral marketing resembles word-of-mouth in that a single person passes it on to another however normal word-of-mouth originates from one person asking the other if they understand how to fix a problem. It is much more reactive than proactive. Viral marketing is proactive. An individual who checks out a viral article or e-book instantly thinks of 5, 10, 500 or perhaps 1,000 people that need to learn about this and they send it through email or put it up on their website or post in on their blog. Viral isn’t really someone coughing in another individual’s face, it is someone coughing in a congested room triggering it to spread like wildfire.

Does your viral marketing ask the reader to pass this along to others? While it would be nice to duplicate viral marketing successes like Blair Witch, Hotmail, Purple Cow or ICQ those are rare occurrences. Viral marketing is like word-of-mouth in that one individual passes it on to another however typical word-of-mouth comes from one individual asking the other if they understand how to fix a problem. Viral marketing is proactive. Viral isn’t one person coughing in another individual’s face, it is one individual coughing in a congested room causing it to spread out like wildfire.